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For Buyers

You’ve made what may be the biggest investment of your lifetime… Don’t make your Largest Purchase your Biggest Mistake.  Choose the right home inspector to look out for your investment. Let us welcome you home.



You’ve walked through the home and checked it out.  But without a trained eye you may not have seen the issues that could face you after you move in.  The last thing that you want to buy at this price is a money pit.  You don’t want to move into your new home and be spending all of your time and money making unexpected repairs.


By now you know, this is when you need a professional home inspector.  

You might begin calling around to get prices. Keep in mind, though, this is not the time to price shop.  You need to choose the right inspector to look out for your investment.


As a home buyer you want a home inspector who will be thorough and perform a detailed inspection of your new home.  You also want to be treated professionally and with respect.  The home inspector should be able to explain their findings to you in a way you can understand, without talking down to you.



Home sellers try to pretty up the home the best they can.  They may not even know if there is a major issue or not.  But once you go to closing, any issuer – major or minor – are now your problem and responsibility to get fixed.


As the buyer of the home, you deserve to know what issues the home has before you go to closing.  A thorough and professional home inspection can provide you with the information you need to be an informed buyer.


With what may be the most important investment of your life, DreamKeeper’s comprehensive home inspection is the 1st step to making an informed decision. 

Securing The Biggest Investment Of Your Dreams!
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